What do I offer?


Experiential Transformation

I create customized training courses and workshops based on a request, wish or need of an organization.

The methods that I use to unlock a process of transformation are aimed at a fundamental change from within.

That is why my approach is always experiential and my methods a combination of theory and practice.

From my own experience and the combination of creativity and commercialism, I can seamlessly connect to the language and dynamics of organizations.

My training courses and workshops are based on the wishes of the organization and meet the needs of that moment.


Powerful and Inspired Leadership

There is a need for a more powerful, more inspired, more meaningful way of working together

This requires a new kind of leadership. Leadership that is about self-reflection and connecting capacity. With care for people, the environment and society and focused on the long term.

A change in the organization starts with a change within yourself. I design and facilitate a process for new leadership. Leadership that is not about 'command' and 'control' but about letting go. About curiosity. About discovering and using everyone's potential. About inspiration and abundance.

I guide leaders in their transformation in the way they perceive, think and understand in order to increase the quality and effectiveness of their leadership and make it more sustainable.

To live and lead with more focus, awareness and pleasure.



Fundamental and Sustainable Transformation

What is needed to grow and navigate the dynamic world of today?

What do future organizations look like?

What role is there to play for leaders and professionals?


As an organization you want more than just being economically profitable.  You want to have meaning, be resilient, respond quickly and adequately to the ever-changing environment.

Really make a difference.

This invites us to create a culture which unfolds exploration,  compassion, engagement and a safe place to learn. 

We need a new kind of leadership. Leadership that serves us in the most impactful, powerful and effective ways. Leadership that supports us in pioneering new territories and encourages creativity and curiosity.

I use my creativity and commit to a process in which leaders within organizations look for new ways to increase their leadership qualities and to make their impact more sustainable.

My way of working combines theory with experience, which results in a fundamental shift in the way we perceive, think and understand.


The manifestation of a sustainable transformation requires time, attention and focus. Therefore I commit myself to the organization and their people for a longer period of time.

I do not work according to a fixed structure. Our cooperation is based on mutual desires and needs.

Curious about the value I can add? Contact me and I will drop by for an introduction, exploratory talk or an inspiration session. 


Lectures // Presentations // Inspiration Sessions

Do you want more insight in a specific theme?

Do you want your organization to experience certain methods or concepts?

Or do you want to be inspired?

Make an appointment with me and I design and give a lecture, presentation or inspiration session.


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