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Mette Visser

I Sparkle, Connect & Create


Look at me standing here in the shower with my umbrella.

Radiant, sparkling

Ready to brighten up the world with my enthusiasm.

This photo illustrates what I've come to do here and reminds me of my PURPOSE



My life is about connecting, with myself and with the Other. I am driven by an enormous curiosity. Want to question and discover what drives, touches, moves someone. In order to get to know the other person and myself better.



For as long as I can remember I have wanted to make the world a better place. As a little girl I was tinkering and drawing all day long. Was always discovering rough tracks. Constantly searched for new possibilities.

Nothing was crazy or obvious; everything could be investigated.

My creativity was a way of shaping myself and my world.

douche paraplu.jpg



When I started working as a designer for a commercial fashion brand after art school, I discovered that I also had very clear ideas about organizing, collaborating and leading.

For more than 20 years, in addition to designing collections, I was managing creative teams and was part of the board.


Thanks to these experiences and my unique combination of creativity and commercialism, I can make perfect connections between various disciplines within an organization. I recognize everyone's unique value, knowledge and skills and know how to use them effectively.


My approach is that of a designer. A designer wants to improve and innovate. I research and question existing systems, structures and cultures and look for new perspectives. I am used to setting up processes that lead us away from the existing patterns. Feel comfortable in unexplored territory where new paths can be built. New ways of living and leading.


To grow on the outside you will have to work from within. That is why I work with interactive, experiential and creative methods that quickly provide clarity and move towards the core. From my intrinsic motivation to make myself, others and the world more beautiful and better, I have been following training and education for personal and professional development for years.

My way of working is inspired by:


Byron Katie - The Work

Alan Seale - Transformational Presence

Coaching Academy International

Theory U

Appreciative Inquiry

The Enneagram

Deep Democracy


For me, the strength lies in the combination of these different sources of inspiration and ways of looking, discovering and learning.

Every situation, every person requires something different and by using different methods, I can facilitate a fundamental change.

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