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The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit

Sir Richard Branson



Finding your business purpose

We are all here for a reason.

To contribute something to the world.

Then it is useful to know what that is exactly.

What are we doing?

In one day we get a clear picture of your right to exist.

We investigate, question, deepen and make the PURPOSE of your company explicit.

We develop your GPS system.

What are the benefits?

A backbone for your organization: a strong foundation from which you can work, live and lead.

A compass with which you can determine direction and focus.

A core from which all communication takes place, processes are set up and decisions are made.

What are we doing it for?

Leaving the world a little more beautiful

Loyalty - of both customers and employees

Sustainable success

Attracting and retaining talent

Inspiration, motivation and increased productivity

What is the investment?

One day of focus and dedication from the board team.

Enthusiasm and an open mind.

Please contact us for the costs

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Living your business purpose

What does the PURPOSE mean for your LEADERSHIP?

What does it take to implement and live your PURPOSE?

How do you keep everything and everyone connected to your PURPOSE?

What are we doing?

We shape your leadership in a tailor-made training and coaching process.

We investigate what is needed to live your PURPOSE in all facets of your organization.

We move from the drawing board to the experience.

Designed from your needs, I establish an experiential process in which the development into the life of your PURPOSE is facilitated.


What are the benefits?

A powerful board team that inspires, reflects. lives and leads from a common PURPOSE.

A committed and meaningful organization with heart and soul.

A company that matters, for both its people and society.

Creativity! Which not only radiates from the collections, but is noticeable in everything you do.

What are we doing it for?

Contributing to a meaningful world

Taking responsibility for people, the environment and society

Impact and Inspiration

Meaning and fulfillment

Sustainable success

What is the investment?

Commitment from the board team and the rest of the company during the process.

An open mind, self-reflection and willingness to grow.

Enthusiasm and resilience.

Costs depend on the duration and content of the process.

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